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You don't need to use any coding to build a free static website.

Appernetic allows you to build faster and more secure websites, it is the bridge between the simplicity of static websites and user-friendliness of CMS (content management system) authoring interfaces.

  • Always faster than a dynamic site.
  • Easily upload and manage images with Cloudinary CDN.
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor and visual content tree view.
  • Theme management and over 110 themes.
  • Version control and social collaboration.
  • Hosting with SSL and your own domain name.
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Always fasterA static website is always faster. With no database and no server-side processing of scripts, web pages are delivered instantly and websites scales well, which search engines also like.

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Zero MaintenanceYou don't have to constantly update and optimize your CMS (content management system). There is nothing to install and Backup is built into your normal workflow, so it's super simple, one less thing to worry about!

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Secure & Future proofThere are no server-side code and database to attack and you are not locked-in, your site can be hosted anywhere and API's you are using is constantly updated and improved, the future looks good!

Features Overview

Content editor

With the PageDown editor you have a formatting toolbar and a preview. You will preferable use markdown for formating, which is easier to use than HTML, but you can also write HTML and also JavaScript code.

Visual tree view

Using the visual tree view you can navigate the filesystem where the content is located, create, view and delete files and folders.

Image editing

In the PageDown editor you can add an url to an image, view and select already uploaded images and also crop and upload images to Cloudinary.

Theme management

Select from over 110 themes in the theme manager view or clone themes from your GitHub account or fork someone else's repository.

Responsive layout

Appernetic is built with Twitter Bootstrap and has a responsive design that works on desktop and in most mobile web browsers.

Fast and secure

Static pages are delivered very quickly. With no database and no server side processing of scripts, there's nothing to hack.


The markdown front matter meta data together with the site-wide settings gives you a powerful combination to configure your free website.


Appernetic is organized in three separate parts: Project, Preview and Public, to keep it clean and structured to work with and manage.

Social collaboration

Git and GitHub is used for version control, cloning, publishing and syncing of your project. Bring projects to life and work together from anywhere.

Smart Pricing

Use the free cloud-based CMS (content management system) version with a limit of 14 publishings each week or upgrade to have all limitations removed. Pay what you can afford or think it is worth, from 0.5 USD to 20.5 USD and support our work and development (we also have bills, although much smaller than most SaaS vendors).


Cool ideas from some of the best static websites built with Hugo, will get your inspiration flowing!

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